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Amazon's tablet to be called the Kindle Fire?

More details of Amazon's expected tablet, the Fire, leak out.

Amazon Kindle Fire mockup
Amazon Kindle Fire mockup

Amazon is widely expected to unveil a tablet at the event its holding on September 28th, and plenty of alleged details of the device have already leaked out. Today, MG Siegler at TechCrunch is reporting that the name of this tablet is going to be the Kindle Fire.

The device will supposedly be a 7-inch, backlit LCD Android tablet, and will be available in the second week of November. The design of the device will reportedly be similar to RIM's PlayBook, with an entirely custom version of Android. It will also pack a dual-core, TI OMAP chip, just like the PlayBook (and many newer Android tablets). GDGT has reported that the PlayBook look could be due to the fact that Quanta is the OEM producing both devices, though Amazon has its own design lab, Lab 126. This detail is somewhat surprising if true, but Siegler reports that Amazon has outsourced this project in order to get the Fire on shelves for the holiday season.

TechCrunch also reports that the Fire will not have an installed email client, lending credence to the theory that this tablet will likely be more of a Nook Color competitor than one for the iPad. The final detail of the report is that the Fire will likely retail for $300, not the previously reported $250.

All Thing's D's Peter Kafka also reports today that Amazon's got most of the major magazine publishers on board for the launch, including Conde Nast, Hearst, and Meredith. A deal has not yet been finalized with Time, Inc., but Kafka says Amazon is optimistic that they'll be aboard by year's end.

Absolutely none of this information is official of course, so join us on Wednesday live to see exactly what Amazon has in store.