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Head of mobile at Facebook: we'll be a mobile company

Facebook's Head of Mobile Products, Erick Tseng, commented on the future of mobile at the company at the GigaOm Mobilize conference.

Erick Tseng
Erick Tseng

Facebook's Head of Mobile Products, Erick Tseng, took the stage at the GigaOm Mobilize conference today, and he had plenty to say about the future of the platform. Tseng is a master of dodging questions, and he did just that, but he was also adamant that the future of Facebook is, unsurprisingly, mobile.

Tseng said that within a year or two, in fact, Facebook will be just as much of a mobile company as it will be one bound to the desktop. Facebook's user-base is increasing exponentially in areas such as China and India, where mobile devices are the primary way people use the internet. Facebook is actively developing its mobile presence accordingly, purchasing Snaptu, a company which created technology for displaying Facebook better on feature phones.

Facebook has been rumored off and on to be partnering with phone manufacturers such as Apple to bake the experience directly into the operating systems, and while no partnership with Apple has yet manifested itself, Tseng commented that phones are "much more useful" when they know "what you know."

When asked about Facebook's long rumored iPad app, Tseng unsurprisingly said he had "nothing to announce" at this time.

A video of Erick Tseng's full interview is below.