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Blockbuster Movie Pass offers Dish Network customers streaming videos and discs by mail for just $10 a month

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Dish Network customers can now get Blockbuster streaming, DVDs, and games for just $10 a month.

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Just as Netflix is breaking itself up, Dish Network is pulling everything together. The satellite TV provider just announced the first new service offering based on its acquisition of Blockbuster, called the Blockbuster Movie Pass. It's a comprehensive service for Dish Network subscribers that offers both DVDs and Blu-rays in the mail, 3,000 games in the mail, and 3,000 streaming movies to your TV -- as well as unlimited in-store disc exchanges and 20 premium movie channels on your Dish Network box. The streaming video library is integrated right into the UI of Dish's set-top box, so you can jump right into a streaming movie from the program guide, and a Facebook Open Graph app is in the works. The new service will run existing Dish customers just $10/mo, and new customers can get it free for a year with a subscription to the $40/mo America's Top 200 package. That's a pretty sweet deal, and Dish will be running a ton of ads for the new service when it launches on October 1st -- Netflix had better get ready for a fight, especially since Blockbuster says it'll have offerings for non-Dish subscribers "soon." Slides comparing Blockbuster Movie Pass to Netflix and others after the break.