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Windows Phone Suggestions Box crowdsources the future of the OS

windows phone suggestions box
windows phone suggestions box

Armchair mobile OS developers, now's the time to flex your insight and throw yourself into the marketplace of ideas. The Windows Phone team just launched a new Suggestions Box tool, powered by the UserVoice feedback system, for Reddit-style voting on new ideas for the mobile OS. You can use up to three of your votes at a time on existing ideas, and your new concepts, feature requests, and Windows Phone feedback need to be contained within a Tweet-safe 140 characters. Remember though, if you've got a patentable idea for anything from rethinking the UI to ringtone management, you'll probably want to keep it to yourself, unless you want to grant the license to Microsoft.

Device backup, turn-by-turn GPS, and the ability to use Windows Phone devices as USB storage currently top out the list, but with this open to the web, don't be surprised if Clippy for Windows Phone works its way up the charts.