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Flickr announces Android app with photo filters, fills the Instagram void

Flickr Android app
Flickr Android app

Flickr has had a native iPhone application for years now, but the company is finally bringing its popular photo sharing service to Android — and it's adding in exclusive features to make up for lost time. Taking inspiration from the wildly popular iOS-only app Instagram, Flickr's Android offering adds in artistic filters for editing photos and supports direct uploads to Twitter, Facebook, and of course Flickr itself. GigaOm reports that the new editing features will eventually make their way to the iPhone app, but there's no timeline for the rollout just yet. The app is now available for free in the Android Market — so feel free to give it a go while you impatiently await Instagram for Android's debut.

Not all is lost for iOS users — they can now participate in Photo Session, another new Flickr feature that aims to recreate the experience of viewing a photo album with friends, up to ten of whom can comment and view photos with you concurrently. This feature is also compatible with desktop browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, but Android users will have to be satiated by filters until an upgrade is issued.