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Amazon launches $79 Kindle, available today

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Kindle classic
Kindle classic

In addition to the news today that Amazon will be launching its Kindle Fire tablet and a $99 touchscreen ereader called the Kindle Touch, Bloomberg reveals that the company plans to introduce an ultra low price version of the traditional, 6-inch E-Ink Kindle (just called Kindle) at just $79. As confirmed by Jeff Bezos on stage, the sliver of an ereader is 30 percent lighter and 18 percent smaller than its previous generation, at 5.98 ounces and 0.34-inches thick, and what Amazon has shaved off is any sort of keyboard. If you don’t need to input text or get your books over 3G, the new Kindle ships today, although that $79 price includes Amazon’s "Special Offers" being pushed to your device — if you want to skip the deals, it’ll be $109 for the device. Europe can plan on snapping up the device on October 12, and it’s the only one Europe will get for now — at £89, it’s not quite as good a deal, but that’s sans advertising and includes VAT in the bargain. Find an "adorable" commercial, a product video, and a few more pictures of the device after the break.