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Native Instruments announces Maschine Mikro controller, iMaschine iOS app

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NI Maschine
NI Maschine

If you’ve lusted after Native Instruments’ Maschine in the past but were put off by the $600 price tag, this news might be, well, music to your ears. Maschine Mikro, available in October, is a $399 budget version of the groove production system that contains an abridged hardware controller, alongside the full (and brand new) Maschine 1.7 software package. As you know, it’s the drum pads and the software that made this thing so fun in the first place — so why squabble over a few knobs and a display? We’re sure that even superstar gabbawave techno-house producers such as yourself will have no problem bangin’ out beats on this bad boy. If this isn’t portable enough, however, the company has also announced iMaschine for iOS. Although we didn’t think we needed yet another way to make music on the iPhone, the ability to load your mobile creations in the Maschine desktop software sounds pretty, pretty nice. This will also be available in October.