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Nokia Sabre, Samsung Wembley, and Samsung Yukon Windows Phone codenames leak

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Microsoft is holding an app contest in Canada to get developers to create apps for the latest version of Windows Phone, Mango. Like any contest, this one has a set of "Terms and conditions," but unlike most contests, those terms included a few codenames for upcoming Windows Phone devices:

The estimated retail value of the phone is $600.00. The type of Windows Phone 7.5 will vary and will be selected at Microsoft’s choosing (examples include Samsung Yukon, Samsung Wembley, NOKIA Searay and NOKIA Sabre)

Microsoft has since updated the contest page to eliminate the codenames, but the secret is out. Now to identify them: Nokia Searay is already well-known and at this point we're confident it will be released. WPCentral, which originally spotted the leak, believes that the Samsung Yukon and Samsung Wembley are likely Canadian variants of the Samsung Omnia W and Samsung Focus S. That leaves the Nokia Sabre, about which very little is known -- but it could possibly have a 3.7-inch screen and use a Micro-SIM. There have been a couple Nokia concept phones leaked in the past few months, but we aren't confident either could be associated with the Sabre.