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Toshiba Excite / AT200 tablet hands-on preview

Toshiba Excite / AT200 tablet hands-on preview

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We didn't quite get our fill of Toshiba's new ultra-thin Honeycomb flagship (dubbed the Excite in the US, AT200 elsewhere) the other day, so we went back for seconds. The version we've played with is bone stock, but Toshiba promises to add some of its own media discovery apps and a file browser. Still, they're keeping it pretty clean, and they plan on upgrading to Ice Cream Sandwich once it becomes available. The screen is nice, though not necessarily Samsung nice, and we're very fond of how thin and light the device is. Sadly, the plastic front and back is a little susceptible to flex -- when pressing on the back of the device you can get LCD "smudges" to show through. We're also a little unsure about the super thin volume rocker, orientation lock, and power button -- they're not exactly finger pad friendly. Ultimately there's just not much to say about a slate tablet like this, but that's kind of the point. It's thin, it's light, and it will get the job done, just don't try breaking it over your knee, you might actually succeed. Toshiba doesn't have a price to speak of yet, but they did offer a Q4 timeframe for launching the tablet. Check out some photos and a video walkthrough after the break.

Toshiba Excite / AT200 tablet hands-on photos