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Skype for iOS update includes image stabilization and Bluetooth support, bug fix released

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The latest Skype update introduces ads and new features including anti-shake processing for the iPhone and Bluetooth support, but initially added a bug that was later fixed.

  • Eddie Fu

    Sep 30, 2011

    Eddie Fu

    Skype for iOS now has ads, gains anti-shake and Bluetooth support

    Skype for iPad
    Skype for iPad

    We figured ads were coming to the Skype iOS app ever since they arrived on the Mac, and here they are — the new update has an ad bar across the top unless you have active Skype Credit or a premium subscription. It's not all bad, though: the app also adds anti-shake processing for the iPhone rear camera and Bluetooth support for newer iOS devices, as well as an unspecified security patch, which may be related to the address book vulnerability discovered last week.

    However, we recommend you hold off on updating for now: users are reporting some nasty issues, including disappearing Skype credit and account settings, and the only available "fix" is to delete and reinstall the app.

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