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Aspire S3, IdeaPad U300s, Portege Z830, and UX21 ultrabooks: a family portrait

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Look, I'm obsessed, alright? But this is the end of it, I swear. I've got some shots of all four ultrabooks going head to head, and there's also a video runthrough of the category, starring myself and five of Intel's finest (the MacBook Air came along for the ride). All of those sickening evidences of my addiction can be found after the break. Oh, and in case you're not completely spent on this thin-and-light cornucopia by now, you can also check out Vlad's comprehensive MacBook Air vs. The World ultrabook blowout. But after that we're swearing off ultrabooks completely. We promise. At least, until another PC manufacturer jumps on board. Have you heard of any? Just curious, is all.