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First Windows 8 tablet from Samsung rumored for BUILD

Are Microsoft and Samsung prepping a Windows 8 tablet with quad-core ARM processor to give away at the BUILD conference in September?

  • Thomas Ricker

    Sep 8, 2011

    Thomas Ricker

    Samsung quad-core Windows 8 tablet ready for BUILD giveaway?

    Microsoft tablet teaser
    Microsoft tablet teaser

    Interestingly, we've independently heard that Samsung would be making the BUILD tablet, so we're feeling good about that one. We've also heard that it would be designed by Microsoft, which suggests that Redmond is keen on controlling the entire hardware-software message for Windows 8′s tablet push - not surprising, considering how important the tablet market has become in the past year.

    Check back at 9AM on September 13th when we'll be covering the event live.

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