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Samsung quad-core Windows 8 tablet ready for BUILD giveaway?

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Word from Korea says Microsoft's first Windows 8 tablet will be built by Samsung, powered by quad-core ARM -- not Intel -- processor.

Microsoft tablet teaser
Microsoft tablet teaser

The first Windows 8 tablet looks set to be revealed with the help of Samsung at Microsoft's BUILD developers' conference next week. And if we had to guess, it'll likely be announced during the morning keynote from Anaheim, California. A few weeks ago, you'll recall, Microsoft was already talking about a "quad core Windows Slate that will be give(n) out at an upcoming Microsoft event." Hell, it even flashed a thin reference design (pictured above) to the crowd in a moment of dramatic titillation. Mind you, we're almost certainly talking about a quad-core ARM processor inside - not Intel - given the lack of ULV quad-core silicon from Chipzilla and the fact that NVIDIA is talking up its Windows 8 compatibility so gregariously on the eve of its Kal-El launch. And now, thanks to an industry source speaking to the Korea Economic Daily, we know that Samsung is very likely the manufacturer behind this first Windows 8 tablet. In fact, you might want to attend BUILD yourselves, where we expect Microsoft to hand out the Samsung tablet to every registered developer in cahoots with its plan to build a "no compromise" tablet running a full desktop OS.

Interestingly, we've independently heard that Samsung would be making the BUILD tablet, so we're feeling good about that one. We've also heard that it would be designed by Microsoft, which suggests that Redmond is keen on controlling the entire hardware-software message for Windows 8′s tablet push - not surprising, considering how important the tablet market has become in the past year.

Check back at 9AM on September 13th when we'll be covering the event live.