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Re-examining the modern cable guy

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The New York Times takes a look at today's cable technicians. Modern cable installers and repair technicians need to do a lot more than just run a wire to someone's house, and often come from technical backgrounds.

ethernet cable_1020
ethernet cable_1020

We know being a cable guy isn’t an easy job, but for some reason the popular characterization of the uneducated, unkempt, and unscrupulous cable guy persists. An article from The New York Times suggests that maybe it’s time to re-examine the stereotype, and looks at the skills and backgrounds today's cable technicians need in order to survive in the fast-changing industry. While twenty years ago all a cable installer had to worry about was running a wire to your house, nowadays he or she might end up spending an hour trying to explain how DHCP and WEP work to someone’s inquisitive dad. We have to say, the thought of networking the Tovars' "six televisions, five Xboxes, several PlayStations and multiple iPads and laptops," makes us glad we only have to do tech support for one home.