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Apps for Apes: Orangutan Outreach asks Apple for help

Apps for Apes: Orangutan Outreach asks Apple for help


Charity Orangutan Outreach has turned to Apple for help in developing the Apps for Apes program, asking it to create a new section in the App Store especially for apps designed to entertain and stimulate the apes.

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Orangutan Outreach has spent the last few months working on its Apples for Orangs program, giving iPads to apes kept in captivity. So far, the scheme has used regular apps, with the Orangs using Skype or Facetime to see one another, along with playing with musical and matching apps. Now, the charity is turning to Apple, asking it to create a specialist "Apps for Apes" section in the iTunes App Store. It hopes that the category will be filled with Apps designed specially for use by apes, and that the proceeds of the section will go towards the charity's work. To us, the idea of a dedicated section doesn't seem too feasible, but it's a fun way to grab some attention.

Orangutans are highly intelligent animals, and when in captivity require plenty of activity and stimulation to prevent boredom. The charity says that Orangutans using the iPads have seen a significant improvement in their engagement, especially when seeing other apes either through watching video or using video chat. Orangutan Outreach is also looking for "lightly used" iPads to distribute to zoos — got one sitting around that could make a Pongo Pongo's day?