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RED files lawsuit claiming rival Arri engaged in corporate espionage

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Professional video camera company RED filed a US federal court lawsuit against rival Arri on December 21st. RED claims that Arri used hacked emails that its then-VP Michael Bravin obtained from Band Pro Film & Digital to gain an unfair advantage. RED says the emails contained trade secrets on its Epic camera.

RED Epic (Flickr)
RED Epic (Flickr)

Professional-grade video camera company RED has filed a lawsuit against rival Arri in US federal court. RED claims that Arri benefited from an email hacking incident involving its former-vice president, Michael Bravin. If you don't remember, Bravin plead guilty in September to illegally accessing emails belonging to Band Pro Film & Digital's CEO. RED says it was discussing a possible joint-venture with Band Pro at the time, and claims that Bravin shared secrets from the emails with Arri executives. RED alleges in the suit that Arri used the info to aid its development and launch of the Alexa camera, which competes with the Epic. In addition, RED says that Arri created a false ad campaign for its launch of the Alexa, and had Bravin post negative comments on the RED forums. Keep in mind that we haven't heard Arri's side of this story yet — we'll let you know when we get more info as the case progresses.