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MAME ported to Google Chrome

MAME ported to Google Chrome


Google engineer Robert Muth has ported the MAME (or Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) into Chrome, using the Native Client toolkit that allows native code to run within the browser environment.

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It might not have lasted too long on the iTunes App Store, but MAME (the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) has now been ported to Chrome. MAME acts as an emulator for classic arcade games, with a range of hardware options — everything from Pac-Man to Galaga can be run within the software. Google engineer Robert Muth has released a case study detailing the challenges presented by porting the complex emulator, and the limitations of the Native Client the project was forced to overcome. The case study reads like a detailed build log, giving notes on all of the changes Muth was forced to make in order to get the system running — a task which took just four days.

This is the latest in a growing number of gaming apps powered by Native Client, including Mini Ninjas and Bastion. The work done to support MAME has also meant that the engineers have been able to port SDL (Software Directmedia Layer) to Native Client — a step that should make porting a number of other games to the system far simpler. If you want to give MAME a try, head to the Chrome Web Store to install the classic Robby Roto arcade game. The notes say that certain other games are also supported by simply uploading the ROM.