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Unexpected bonus: 'Grand Theft Auto III' for Android and iOS can be easily modded

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It turns out that the iOS and Android versions of Grand Theft Auto III can be easily modded, just like the PC version.

GTA3 Sony Tablet S stock 1024
GTA3 Sony Tablet S stock 1024

Just when you thought cruising down the streets of Grand Theft Auto III was an impressive technical feat for your smartphone or tablet, along comes more good news: the hacker community has discovered that you can mod the iOS and Android game, just like the PC version. In fact, it turns out that GTA III uses the same filestructure as the PC version on mobile, so you don't even need to roll your own — if you can find your Android/Data/com.rockstar.gta3/files/GTA3 directory on your device's internal storage, you can download a number of existing mods right now.

We just installed a patch that makes our protagonist punch so hard, he'll send enemies flying into the sky, and if you're feeling slightly more hardcore you can replace models and textures in the game to give yourself new cars and buildings. There's also a "GTA3.set" file that can improve the graphics, and a few DAT files that can be opened in a text editor to change all sorts of variables, from the mass and elasticity of a traffic light to the rate-of-fire for each individual weapon. Just make a backup of your original directory before you begin, so you don't lose anything! Take a peek at a few of the possibilities (and a how-to video) below.