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Recon Instruments announces MOD Live SDK, lets developers build apps for ski goggles

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Recon Instruments, maker of the MOD and MOD Live ski goggles, has released an SDK so developers can make Android apps for the dongle.

Recon MOD Live
Recon MOD Live

Recon Instruments released the SDK for its MOD and MOD Live displays today, allowing developers to code apps for the Android-based ski goggles. Back in November, we got to play with the MOD Live, which slides into any compatible pair of ski goggles and add a telemetry display that shows your altitude, speed, coordinates, and more. Thanks to its Android operating system, it can also connect to your phone and display incoming text messages or phone calls — now, with developer help, there are many more possible ways to use all the MOD’s sensors and instruments. Recon also announced the first app built with the SDK, an app connecting the MOD Live to the Polar WearLink+ transmitter, a heart rate monitor that works with Nike+. Check out the video below for our hands-on impressions of the MOD Live from November, and stay tuned to find out what extreme sports-loving coders can come up with.