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Ice Cream Sandwich face unlock brought to iPhone (video)

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Android 4.0's face unlock has been brought to the iPhone in a new app.

iPhone face unlock
iPhone face unlock

If you're an iPhone owner that wishes your phone could recognize your face, you're going to appreciate the work of a developer who's brought Android 4.0's face unlock feature to iOS. It's not clear whether or not it's a port of the original app, but as you can see in the video below, it sure does look a lot like the feature in Ice Cream Sandwich. The facial-recognition looks like it takes much longer than Google's own solution (and probably too long to make it practical). According to you can't use the app to replace the slide-to-unlock in iOS — it's just a parlor trick for now and there are plans to use it to secure a digital locker of information in the future. Apparently the app will be in the App Store soon, so take a look if you're in need of some Android on your iPhone.