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Unity Home Theater is an HTIB with a singular fashion sense

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The Unity Home Theater is a full-featured home theater-in-a-box system that also serves as your television's stand.

Unity Home Theater
Unity Home Theater

Engage has announced the Unity Home Theater, a stylistic take on the theater-in-a-box concept. It provides the normal amenities you'd expect in an HTIB — Blu-ray / DVD player, 5.1-channel Dolby Digital Surround Sound, and HDMI connectivity — but it packs them into a H-shaped pedestal that also serves as your television's stand. Discrete right, left, and center speakers and two 10-inch woofers are also built into the base, with an additional 5.25-inch down-firing speaker filling in the midrange. An ethernet jack and a connection for your iPhone or iPod are also on board.

Built to support any flat-panel television up to 60 inches in size, the Unity does offer a clean design — but it won't come cheap. It's going to retail for a whopping $999 when it goes on sale in the middle of this year.