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Texas Instruments announces Jacinto automotive infotainment processors

Texas Instruments announces Jacinto automotive infotainment processors


TI has announced two new platforms geared for in-car use, Jacinto and

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Texas Instruments has announced the Jacinto range of "automotive infotainment processors", designed to give auto manufacturers an all-in-one hardware setup to build their in-car systems around. The new line offers a combination of dedicated 3D graphics and video processors, a digital signal processor built for high-quality audio, and TI's WiLink 7.0 and BlueLink 7.0 technologies which allow the car to act as a mobile hotspot for all of your devices. Applications are at the core of Jacinto — the platform's optimised for QNX's new Car 2 platform, which lets developers integrate HTML5 web browsing, real-time audio, 1080p video, radio, and speech into their in-car software.

TI also announced a new range of OMAP processors optimized for in-car use. These offer a "smart multicore architecture," which it says will offer efficient multi-tasking with a low power draw. Because of this, TI says that manufacturers will only require one processor to fulfil all of their needs, and that software designed for Jacinto will work just as well on the OMAP range.