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Logitech Cube hands-on pictures and video

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Logitech's Cube is a tiny device that does double duty as both a mouse and presentation remote.

Gallery Photo: Logitech Cube mouse hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Logitech Cube mouse hands-on pictures

Logitech's Cube mouse is designed with traveling professionals in mind but it's a fun little device for anyone. There aren't any physical buttons for left or right click, but instead has two distinct regions up top that register left and right clicks, respectively. It functions as a traditional mouse when placed face down on a surface, but swipe your finger across the top and you've found its non-mechanical scroll wheel. Lifting it off a table transforms it into a miniature presentation remote, clicking forward when it's right side up and moving backwards when you flip it over. It has microUSB charging port and a power switch around back, but other than that it's all smooth black plastic and metallic edges. The device is available now for $69.99 and you can see it in action in our video.