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Geomagic demonstrates Kinect-To-Print for 3D printers (video)

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Geomagic, which powers 3D Systems Corporation's Kinect-To-Print 3D printing app, has released a video demonstrating turning a Kinect image into a printable template.


We're still waiting to check out 3D Systems Corporation's 3D printing service at CES. In the meantime, Geomagic, which powers the Kinect-To-Print app for the company, has released a video demonstrating the process by which a Kinect image gets turned into a printable template. Essentially, Geomagic uses the Kinect to capture a series of points, then turns them into a 3D model which can be sent to the printer or, presumably, uploaded to "create-and-make" environment Cubify.

The process is supposed to take less than two minutes, and from what we can see picks up enough detail to produce a recognizable bust of a Geomagic engineer. We're not going to pretend we don't find staring into his disembodied face a little creepy... but, then, such is the price of progress.