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SanDisk announces world's fastest, most expensive 128GB SDXC Card

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SanDisk announces world's fastest 128GB SDXC card with 45MB/s read and write speeds.


SD card specs seem to change more often than the those of the cameras they go into. The king of the SDXC format this week is SanDisk with its just-released 64 and 128GB SDXC cards; the 128GB card is the world's fastest with 45MB/s read and write speeds. If you decide you need SanDisk's brand of ultra high-speed data transfer in your life, you can plan on paying $199.99 for the 64GB card or a whopping $399.99 for the 128GB version. It would seem unlikely that someone using SD would be speed-critical enough to drop this kind of money on a card, but SanDisk is marketing it to 3D video shooters, who have much larger file sizes to deal with. To the truly awesome SD card users out there — we salute you.