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Vizio introduces Google TV-powered VAP430 media streamer (updated: $99?)

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Vizio has announced the VAP430 Stream Player, a standalone media streamer that can also serves as a Google TV.

Vizio VAP430 Media Streamer with Google TV
Vizio VAP430 Media Streamer with Google TV

Vizio is charging ahead with its own take on Google TV with the announcement of the VAP430 Stream Player. On the one hand, it's a small Wi-Fi media streamer, connecting to your television via HDMI and providing access to Vizio's Internet App Plus ecosystem. It also offers up web content via the integrated Flash-capable Chrome browser, and you can stream your own content from computers or smartphones — and the cloud, of course. By plugging in your cable or satellite set-top box via the HDMI pass-through, however, you're also getting a full-fledged Google TV. The Android Marketplace is included, as is the snazzy new Vizio Google TV remote that we previewed yesterday.

It's a smart move from Vizio, attacking the low end of the market with a standalone streamer while offering up an integrated television option at the same time. At least that's what we assume the strategy is; with no price having been announced, it's hard to say for certain. The Stream Player is expected to ship this spring.

Update: StreamingMedia is reporting that the Stream Player will be priced at $99. We're reaching out to Vizio, and will let you know as soon as we have more information.