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Vizio moves 'beyond TV' with pair of Blu-ray players, HD Skype camera

Vizio has announced two upcoming Blu-ray players and a new Skype-compatible video camera for its HDTVs.

Vizio Blu-ray player, audio dock, soundbar
Vizio Blu-ray player, audio dock, soundbar

You didn't think Vizio would stop with just a media streamer, did you? The company has just unveiled additional home theater components in the form of two Blu-ray players alongside a Skype-enabled video camera for its own HDTVs.

Aside from a built-in Blu-ray drive, the VBR430 is largely similar to the VAP430 Stream Player, offering the same Google TV integration with the company's V.I.A. Plus software platform. Built-in Wi-Fi offers quick access to the combined app ecosystem, with DLNA and Bluetooth functionality expanding the number of potential content sources available to the VBR430. It's slated to hit shelves sometime this year alongside the VBR370, another Blu-ray player Vizio introduced today. Those who own V.I.A.-enabled televisions can now also pick up the XCV100 video camera, enabling Skype calls between Vizio's HDTV line and other Skype-certified devices. The camera records at HD resolution and carries four microphones that capture audio at lengths of up to 16 feet. The XCV100 is available now for $109.99.