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Kickstarter gets almost $100 million in 2011 pledges, 46 percent of projects successful

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Kickstarter got almost $100 million pledged in 2011 pledges, with 11,836 projects ultimately being successful. The most successful project was the Cosmonaut stylus, with over 5,000 backers.

cosmonaut stylus
cosmonaut stylus

Kickstarter is celebrating its most illustrious year to date, with $99,344,382 pledged towards a total of 11,836 successful projects. The success rate was 46% for the calendar year, with Kickstarter cofounder Yancey Strickler saying that over 84% of pledged dollars are eventually collected on the site. In comparison, 2010 saw 3,910 successful projects backed by around $28 million, so it's clear that the site is growing fast. The most popular single project was the Cosmonaut stylus (pictured above) with over 5,000 backers. About a third of the total pledged money went towards film-related projects making it the most lucrative category.