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Viper SmartStart 3.0 adds vehicle diagnostics, status updates

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Viper's new version of their SmartStart car control system, which will launch in Q1 of this year, adds vehicle diagnostics, some limited weather tracking, and status updates.

Viper SmartStart
Viper SmartStart

Viper, the car security and accessories company, has released details for the latest version of its smartphone-based SmartStart vehicle control system. SmartStart 3.0, which we'll be seeing in Q1 of this year, includes a few new features aimed at moving the app out of remote-control territory. One of the previous selling points of SmartStart was the ability to start the car remotely to warm it up; now, drivers can tell the system their daily schedule and have it calculate the amount of time needed based on the ambient temperature, then send a reminder to start the car when necessary. The company is also planning to add more customization and feedback options, and promises vehicle diagnostics on some installations. There aren't a lot of details, however, so we're not sure yet how comprehensive any of these new features will be.