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Google's 'Search, plus Your World' personalizes search results using Google+

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Google's new "Search, plus Your World" feature will add personalized results from Google+ to your regular search results.

Search plus Your World
Search plus Your World

When Google launched Google+, it said the new social network would find its way into Google's many other products, and now it's spreading into the company's biggest product — Google search results are now being personalized based on your Google+ activity. The new "Search, plus Your World" feature looks through your Google+ profile for relevant things shared with you, things your friends shared, or other relevant pages and profiles, and integrates them into your search results even if they're privately shared only with you. When you search for names, the profiles of people in your Google+ circles also show up at the top of your results. You can turn off the personalization, but in doing so you'll also remove Google's previous tailoring efforts, like using your search history to improve results. In reality, it's just a way to search Google+ from Google's homepage, but it's yet another example of how central Google thinks its social network is to its business. Search, plus Your World is being rolled out to users now, so look for a lot of Google+ in your search results soon.