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Viewsonic ViewPad E70 (with Android 4.0), ViewPad 10pi, ViewPad 10e hands-on pictures

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We got to take a look at Viewsonic's new ViewPad 10pi, 10e, and E70 tablets at CES, three new budget tablets running Android.

Gallery Photo: Viewsonic ViewPad 70e, 10e, 10pi hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Viewsonic ViewPad 70e, 10e, 10pi hands-on pictures

Viewsonic's tablets haven't always impressed in terms of performance, but the company's committed to building cheap tablets for those that don't want to drop $499 on an iPad. We got to play with its latest models at CES, including the brand-new, $169, Ice Cream Sandwich-running ViewPad E70. The E70 has a 1GHz processor and a 7-inch, 800 x 600 display, and other than the fact that it's running Android 4.0 there's really nothing notable about the device. It was seriously slow and low-res, but at least the company seems to know that: reps told us that the ViewPad E70 could be a family's "third or fourth tablet." If you're looking to get Ice Cream Sandwich on a tablet, however, $169's not a bad price (though it can't compete with the Novo7's $99 price tag), and your high-end tablet options are pretty limited at the moment outside of the newly updated Transformer Prime. The E70 will be available in March.

The ViewPad 10i and ViewPad 10e were pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a budget tablet. The ViewPad 10e runs Android 2.3, and the 10pi dual-boots Gingerbread and Windows 7, and both actually look pretty nice — relatively thin and light, with good-looking IPS displays. Both had some performance issues, with noticeable lag and unresponsiveness, but that's to be expected from such inexpensive tablets (the 10e costs $279, and though we weren't told the pricing on the 10pi it's probably not much higher). Both are available in the US today.