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Lumus high-definition transparent video glasses hands-on

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Lumus' glasses project a transparent image in high-definition. The company is hoping to incorporate them into other manufacturers' devices.

Lumus Glasses
Lumus Glasses

Video glasses are nothing new, but transparent eyewear like the Lumus units here may be the key to integrating augmented reality into everyday life. The glasses project a surprisingly clear 720p image against whatever you happen to be staring at, while still preserving visibility behind it. When turned off, the lenses are almost indistinguishable from normal ones.

The contrast isn't as high as on the Vuzix prototype, but the colors are much more natural. We wouldn't want to watch a movie on the system, but it seems perfect for an unobtrusive overlay to reality. There's also a somewhat brighter military eyepiece that's more comparable to the Vuzix device. Lumus isn't going to be selling the glasses you see here any time soon — these products are strictly demonstrations of technology to be used in other devices. It's a shame, because they're one of a very small number of video glasses that we wouldn't mind wearing at all.