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j5 Create JUC600 Android mirroring cable demo video

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j5 Create is introducing a new Android display mirroring cable at CES 2012.

j5create android mirror cable_1020
j5create android mirror cable_1020

I admit it, I'm a MicroUSB fanboy. It's not technologically sublime or anything, but the fact almost all smartphone and tablet makers have standardized around it makes all of our lives a lot of easier. j5Create is trying to cut out a slice of that market with its new JUC600 cable, which adds display mirroring to the usual USB 2.0 file transfer and charging capabilities of MicroUSB. It's compatible with Android devices of version 1.6 and above on the one side and Windows 7 on the other. All the drivers are aboard the JUC600 itself, so it's literally plug-and-play. The company is aiming to ship it for $29.99 at some point later in the year, although negotiations are also afoot for bundling this JUC600 cable — tentatively titled Android Mirror — into the retail boxes of new phones. It's not fancy, it's not spectacular, but it is relatively cheap and adds a little more functionality to the MicroUSB proposition.