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VESA previews Mobility DisplayPort with HD video over a USB cable

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VESA's Mobility DisplayPort will be able to send high-definition video from mobile devices to a large display through a USB cable.


Mobility DisplayPort (MYDP) is VESA's new standard in development for displaying high-definition video from mobile devices on large screens. It's capable of sending full 1080p 3D video over a standard USB cable, but it doesn't use the USB protocol to do it — MYDP is really DisplayPort 1.2 that just runs on common USB wires. The prototype tablet shown above has a built-in chip that switches between DisplayPort 1.2 and USB mode automatically, eliminating the need for an extra port dedicated to external displays. On the receiving end, things are a slightly more complicated — the signal has to get converted into somthing the display can understand so an HDMI converter is usually required. However, for monitors that already have DisplayPort built in, a simple cable with a micro-USB plug on one end and a DisplayPort plug on the other will work without conversion. As an added bonus, you can charge your mobile device of the same cable that delivers data. We're working on getting a video of MYDP in action.