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Amazon's Kindle Store and Cloud Reader optimized for iPad use

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Amazon has introduced a new touch-optimized version of its Kindle Store for the iPad.

Amazon Kindle Store iPad
Amazon Kindle Store iPad

Amazon has found an innovative way to circumvent Apple's App Store restrictions by offering a new touch-optimized version of its Kindle Store specifically for the iPad's browser. Amazon customers can shop for books in the web store and read in its Amazon Cloud Reader — mitigating the need for a trip to Apple's App Store at all. The store and reader both link to each other in their interfaces, though they are still distinct web apps with different homescreen icons. The interface has a scrolling carousel for recommendations along the top, with large, touch-friendly book covers and large text elsewhere. Quite frankly we're surprised it took this long for Amazon to make these changes, especially when Apple's iBooks app — and its competing store — are more prominent on the iPad to start off with.