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ExoPC EXOdesk hands-on pictures and video

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ExoPC EXOdesk is a 32-inch 1080P tabletop display that serves as a secondary interactive monitor for Windows.

ExoPC EXOdesk main
ExoPC EXOdesk main

ExoPC's EXOdesk was originally a touch-enabled panel running Windows 8 and powered by a Core i7 processor. Well, after stopping by ViewSonic's booth here at CES 2012 we've learned the company has other plans for the EXOdesk. ExoPC has ditched the processor and computer components to help reduce cost, and what we're left with is merely a 1920x1080 32-inch touchscreen monitor fused to a desk. Like the original, this EXOdesk has 10 points of touch, but it simply serves as a secondary monitor for Windows (Mac support is being worked on) rather than a standalone PC. We're told EXOdesk will be shipping at the end of 2012 with a targeted price of $1299. However, ExoPC said, "price is pending a few factors: customer feedback to size, desired touch input, usage models, apps, user interface."

As for the touch panel itself? Well, it definitely does its job serving as an interactive secondary display with a custom UI, and responded well to touch. The touchscreen was connected to a Windows 7 PC and the EXO UI was user-friendly and intuitive. It's got an application launcher that you can drag anywhere on screen, and some of the apps (built in HTML5) we saw included a virtual piano, digital thermometer, drawing board, calculator and periodic table. Additionally, the UI has a shortcut toolbar that gives you one-touch access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Be sure to check out the gallery below and stay tuned for a video.