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Nokia Lumia 900 video preview

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We get to grips with Nokia's first Windows Phone for the American market: the Lumia 900.

Gallery Photo: Nokia Lumia 900 preview gallery
Gallery Photo: Nokia Lumia 900 preview gallery

We simply can't get enough of Nokia's Lumia 900 here at CES 2012. After having a quick play with it at Digital Experience last night, we returned to Nokia's booth today for another hands-on session. Its design is unmistakably that of the N9 / Lumia 800: softly rounded sides, sternly flat top and bottom, and a single plane of glass covering the front. Nokia has moved to a 4.3-inch form factor with the Lumia 900, so it's appreciably larger than the Lumia 800, however its top and bottom bezels have been greatly reduced. That, along with the almost identical thickness to the 800, means that operation of the Lumia 900 feels natural and effortless.

WVGA (800 x 480) resolution is a little low by modern standards in the 4-inch-plus size category, however the ClearBlack AMOLED display is attractive enough to make that a non-issue for us. We're told it's identical to the Lumia 800's in technological terms, suggesting it has a Pentile Matrix subpixel arrangement and an anti-glare polarizing filter. The device we handled was a pre-production unit and we weren't allowed to explore it too deeply, however the basic Windows Phone menu interaction was as fluid and snappy as you'll have come to expect from the OS.

Update: We spent some time digging around and confirmed for ourselves that the Lumia 900 does not have a Pentile Matrix display. Our closeup photos show the new AMOLED display looks to have an RGB subpixel arrangement.