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Powertrekk fuel cell charger hands-on photos and video

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The Powertrekk fuel cell charger can provide five watt-hours of energy anywhere with just a little water.


MyFC has been showing off its fuel cell charger, the Powertrekk, for quite some time, but the company says that it will finally be releasing it in the United States sometime this May. The kit works in two ways: there's a standard, 2,000mAh battery that can be charged the old-fashioned way and can also charge your gadgets the old fashioned way, just like any external battery. The magic comes in with a small puck that's filled with sodium silicide, which when put in contact with water chemically reacts to make a tiny hydrogen fuel cell. MyFC says the reaction is completely sealed and safe and that it provides about the equivalent of four AA batteries, which can be used to directly charge your gadgets and also the external battery.

It will retail for $299, with the pucks selling for somehwere in the neighborhood of $3 each.