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Motorola to make Intel-powered phones and tablets, first phone coming in the second half of 2012

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Intel and Motorola announce a partnership to make phones and tablets. The first Intel Atom--powered Medfield phone will be coming to market in the second half of this year.

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You've read that headline right: Motorola and Intel have inked a multi-year, multi-device partnership, meaning Motorola will be making both phones and tablets powered by Intel's new Medfield, Atom Z2460 processor. Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha is expected to take the stage with Intel's Paul Otellni here at Intel's press conference to announce the partnership, and while they are not expected to demo a phone, Intel confirmed that Motorola will ship an Android phone in the second half of this year with the new processor and chipset. Carrier validation will begin this summer. Our guess is that it will be an ICS device, and that we'll learn more about it all at Mobile World Congress, where Intel has already told us to expect more news on its phone and tablet strategy. Stay tuned for more details in our Intel press conference live blog.