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Vuzix transparent 'smart glasses' prototype hands-on

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Vuzix is developing a set of transparent video 'smart glasses' that will allow for a variety of augmented reality uses. We were able to look at a proof of concept for the glasses, which may come out in 2013.

Vuzix Smart Glasses
Vuzix Smart Glasses

Looks like the Vuzix heads-up display glasses we wrote about earlier are still very much a work in progress. At the CES Vuzix booth, we were able to see a proof of concept of the ultrathin lenses, which displayed a semi-transparent hologram that we were able to capture (quite imperfectly) in the gallery below. The looped video was small but very vivid, partly because the colors have a bit of a neon gleam to them. Besides the prototype, we also got a look at the military and industrial eyepiece, albeit from behind glass. The eyepiece is supposed to be coming out in the third quarter of this year, but according to Vuzix, the consumer glasses are still up to two years away.