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Parrot Zikmu Solo wireless speaker by Philippe Starck hands-on

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Parrot's Zik Solo speaker is designed by Philippe Starck and has built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It has excellent sound quality, a stunning design, and will be available before the end of 2012.

Gallery Photo:
Gallery Photo:

Parrot's Zikmu wireless speakers have been around for a few years now, but here at CES 2012 the company is introducing the one-piece Zikmu Solo. Just like the Zik wireless headphones, this cylindrical beauty was designed by Philippe Starck and combines excellent sound quality with a stunning curved design. The 100W speaker filled the demo room with surround sound-quality audio, impressing us with its fullness immediately. It has an iPod / iPhone dock up top, while there are SPDIF and Ethernet ports on the bottom. There's also built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allowing it to be controlled by a a companion iOS, Mac, or Windows app if the included remote control isn't for you. There's unfortunately no release date information for the Solo, but it'll be available in black, white, and red when it drops before the end of 2012.