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Toshiba Camileo Air10 streams 1080p video via Ustream, Z100 shoots glasses-free 3D video (hands-on pictures)

Toshiba launched a number of new Camileo handheld camcorders at CES, including the Wi-Fi enabled Air10 and the 3D-shooting Z100.

Gallery Photo: Toshiba Camileo Air10 and Z100 hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Toshiba Camileo Air10 and Z100 hands-on pictures

Toshiba updated its Camileo line of handheld camcorders this week at CES, and headlining the new class is the new Z100, capable of shooting 1080p 3D video. Even cooler is the camera's 2.8-inch articulating display, which displays 3D footage without need for glasses. It's a really small LCD, but it does display 3D, and actually looked pretty good while we played with a prototype of the camcorder. Something was built wrong in this early version, so we had to wear glasses upside down to see the footage on a TV, but it still looked good even if we looked kind of ridiculous. When you view the footage on your TV, you use whatever glasses the TV needs, and Toshiba says it can be used on any 3D TV.

The $219 Z100 feels like a solid-if-gimmicky camcorder, but what really caught our eye was the Air10, a $149 Flip-style camcorder that has a Wi-Fi radio inside. Its functionality is basically the same as the Sony Bloggie Live, only it will stream 1080p footage (the Bloggie Live streams 320 x 240 video), and uses Ustream to do so, which we much prefer to Qik on the Bloggie Live. It's not as sleek as Sony's camcorders, and we couldn't really test the wireless features thanks to the crush of Wi-Fi networks in the central hall at CES, but the Air10 looks like it might improve on some of the Bloggie Live's biggest problems when it comes out in February.