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Razer Naga Hex gaming mouse hands-on

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Razer's Naga Hex gaming mouse, with six comfortable thumb buttons for a variety of custom functions.

Gallery Photo: Razer Naga Hex gaming mouse hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Razer Naga Hex gaming mouse hands-on pictures

While it isn't quite as exciting as Project Fiona, the Razer Blade or even the touchscreen-equipped Star Wars: The Old Republic keyboard, Razer's latest mouse, the Naga Hex, looks and feels fantastic. True to its name, the $79.99 peripheral has a hexagon of six comfortably springy buttons right all easily accessible by your thumb, circling a comfortable, lightly squishy pad for your opposable digit to rest on, and has an extended grip on the right side with a soft-touch rubber coating. Five PTFE feet on the bottom propel it effortlessly across surfaces, and there's a 5600dpi laser sensor inside for what definitely felt like precise, accurate tracking. Otherwise, it's pretty basic, and we didn't subject the mouse to a mouse sensor torture test, but the overall feel is fantastic. See our pictures below, and find the Naga Hex for pre-order right now on Razer's website. A rep says they'll ship later this month.