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ViewSonic ViewPhone 3 hands-on

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The ViewPhone 3 will be launched in Latin America at the end of Q1 and runs Android 2.3 and has two SIM slots.

ViewSonic ViewPhone 3 lead
ViewSonic ViewPhone 3 lead

Viewsonic entered the cellphone game just a few days ago with the ViewPhone 3. This mid-market device has two SIM slots and is running Android 2.3 powered by an 800Mhz processor. The CPU really showed it's weakness, though — we experienced some pretty bad lag when swiping though homescreen pages and scrolling down the application list . With that said, apps actually launched fairly quickly, but we just couldn't get passed the lag. The ViewPhone 3 will be sold unlocked in Latin America for $279 at the end of Q1 of this year.