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JVC's 2012 Everio video cameras with Live Monitoring (video)

JVC's 2012 video cameras feature Live Monitoring — allowing the user to wirelessly transfer files from the camera to an iOS or Android device running a free app.


Some of JVC's 2012 Everio video cameras feature Live Monitoring, allowing iOS and Android devices running a free app to control JVC's newest GX, VX, and EX series video cameras. The user can zoom, take snapshots or record 1080p video, and then wirelessly transfer those files back to the mobile device for emailing, uploading to YouTube, or whatever else people do with still image and video files. The new cameras also feature Home Detection Monitoring — when the camera detects movement it will email a preset address a still image or 15-second video clip. We were impressed with how simple it was to get everything running, but the connectivity conditions at the Convention Center made it tough to really put the new software through its paces. Live Monitoring will be available on three of the company's new cameras: