Skip to main content builds your digital designs in five inches cubed of ABS builds your digital designs in five inches cubed of ABS

/ is a new service from 3D Systems which allows you to print your 3D models from nylon in up to 5-inch cubes. The service is also gearing up to sell the printers to end users for $1299.

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Gallery Photo: Cubify
Gallery Photo: Cubify

3D Systems has unveiled, a service which creates single-color 3D models up to five inches square using quick-setting liquid ABS. Similarly to Shapeways, it allows you to turn your virtual 3D objects into something you can hold in your hand, and both the level of detail and physical strength of the products is astonishing. It's possible to create almost anything using the printer, from iPhone cases to chess pieces, or a tiny sneaker which encases a USB drive. The service also offers tablet apps, and the ability to create models using 3D photos taken by the Kinect camera — as demonstrated in the gallery by LL Cool J.

If the remote printing solution isn't quite enough for you, the company has good news: you'll soon be able to order one of the printers for use at home. It's not cheap, with the unit costing $1299 before you buy any of the raw material, but can you really put a price on being able to hold your 3D models minutes after you've completed them?

Cubify 3D printers and product sample images