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Kodak sues Apple and HTC for infringing digital imaging patents

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Eastman Kodak is suing HTC and Apple for its infringing patents related to transmitting and capturing digital images in a last-ditch effort to raise revenue before facing it's creditors in bankruptcy.


Eastman Kodak may be going bankrupt, but it's making a last-ditch effort to raise revenue before facing its creditors; the company announced today that it's suing both Apple and HTC for infringing patents related to capturing and transmitting digital images. Kodak has filed complaints with the International Trade Commission (ITC) and in its legal hometown of the Western District of New York. While the ITC complaint seeks to prevent importation of a long list of "infringing" devices by HTC, the US lawsuit asks the court to permanently prevent further infringement and recover damages. The company says it's open to "negotiating a fair and amicable agreement with these companies," but it will "defend the interests of shareholders and licensees" in the face of persistent infringement.