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Haier Transparent OLED TV hands-on

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Haier is demonstrating a 22-inch transparent LED TV as part of its "Future Technologies" portfolio of products.

Gallery Photo:
Gallery Photo:

A 22-inch television may not sound that interesting — but what if you can see right through it? Haier is showing off just such a device here at CES, as part of its "Future Technologies" portfolio of products. As you can tell from the gallery below, this isn't a television aimed at the living room: it packs a resolution of 1680 x 1050 with 8-bit color depth, and it requires an external backlight to render images in any conventional sense. Haier sees it being used in commercial applications, such as strore-front displays and wall installations, and we've heard the company will soon be announcing a 46-inch version as well. While the novelty was certainly intriguing, we have to wonder if the display would excel even in those scenarios — though to be fair, the model we saw was suffering from some image orientation issues. We trust Haier will have time to correct the problems before bringing the product to market, though no timeframe or pricing was available.