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JetStreamHD box and Live TV tuner hands-on

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Nuyyyo's JetStreamHD box and TV tuner stream live TV and any media format over WiFi and 3G directly to your iPad.

JetStreamHD TV tuner
JetStreamHD TV tuner

Though it's not new, Nuyyyo's JetStreamHD box seamlessly streams media to your iPad over WiFi or 3G in just about any format. Simply connect the box to your router and plug a media-filled hard drive into the box, and it'll push content found on the drive or home network directly to your iPad. It's that simple.

Here at ShowStoppers, the company is showing off a new TV tuner dongle that plugs into the JetStreamHD box and streams live local TV channels in HD to your iPad over 3G or Wifi. Just insert a digital antenna or cable feed into the dongle and you're good to go .

We were shown a demo of both the JetStreamHD box and TV tuner here at CES and boy were we impressed. We streamed a variety of media to an iPad 2: live local TV using a wireless TV antenna, music stored on a local hard drive, and various movies and TV shows also stored on a hard drive. One of the reps had a JetStream HD box set up in his home in Canada and we watched live Canadian TV on an iPad 2 here in Vegas — pretty neat. Additionally, you can sling media to an Apple TV via AirPlay using the JetStreamHD box. Say you're at a friend's house who has an Apple TV, you can sling content from a media-filled hard drive connected to a JetStreamHD box back at home. You'll be able to purchase the TV tuner in March for $59.99 and in a bundle with the JetStreamHD box for $199.99. Check out some shots of both devices in the gallery below and stay tuned for a video demo.