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FXI Technologies' Cotton Candy: Android 4.0 and Ubuntu on the world's smallest PC (hands-on)

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FXI Technologies' Cotton Candy is the world's smallest PC, but it now runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Ubuntu 3.2.

FXI Cotton Candy PC
FXI Cotton Candy PC

FXI Technologies showed off its Cotton Candy PC for us a few months ago, but since then the company has added Android 4.0 and Ubuntu with a Unity UI as supported OSs, along with the original Android 2.3. It still runs on a dual-core Cortex A9 processor and has quad-core Mali 400 graphics that's purportedly powerful enough to play 3D games. The device itself can be booted via USB or HDMI, effectively turning any television set into a computer. It's important to note that when using over HDMI, it still requires power over USB.

Demo models on the floor had exposed microUSB ports for connecting peripherals, though Bluetooth is also available for keyboards and mice. When you purchase the device, it'll come with an empty microSD card that you register and flash with the OS of your choosing using FXI's website. Besides the aforementioned Ice Cream Sandwich and Ubuntu 2.3 offerings, reps told us that it's technically capable of running Windows 8, since ARM is a supported architecture. When it goes on sale in Q2 its price will be "under $200."